Tuesday 26 October 2010

Statewatch “unveils” the Commission’s cunning plan for a new Directive (or not …)

Sharp-eyed visitors to the Statewatch website may have noticed a recent update. While I blogged about the European Commission’s statement on 5 October, giving just a teasing glimpse of their proposals, Statewatch has done much, much more. It has taken the huge step of posting that entire 18 page (draft) statement on the internet. Together with a 1,000 word analysis of the proposals.

For those not familiar with its work, Statewatch was formed in 1991. It is an independent, not for profit group of journalists, researchers, activists, lawyers and academics that monitors civil liberties and the state in Europe. I am not a member of this group, but do search its on-line archives now and again.

Statewatch.org receives over 100,000 visitors every month, and is a valuable and credible research resource, used by journalists, NGOs, campaigning organisations, parliaments, lawyers, activists and students.

But D’oh …

What our chums at Statewatch may not have appreciated was that the Commission’s draft was updated yesterday. I’m not sure to what extent. Not yet, anyway.

So let’s see if the final version, when it is finally published by the Commission, differs in many material ways from the one that Statewatch has just posted.

And let's hope that not too much of that 1,000 word analysis of the earlier proposals turns out to be wasted.