Sunday 1 April 2012

My political lobbying has paid off!

I’ve just had my letter from party headquarters, formally appointing me as their candidate for the next election to the European Parliament. It’s taken a lot of lobbying, but it’s been worth it. Power awaits. Soon I won’t just be creating this blog – but I’ll be developing ever more creative and culturally appropriate policies for those that have put me in such a responsible position.

You are probably aware that the next set of elections to the European Parliament are to be run using slightly different rules. This is because it’s been noticed that while the current arrangements produce politicians who represent geographic districts, they don’t produce politicians who necessarily have any experience in vital (but obscure) areas of policy. So, as well as geographic constituencies, there is to be a top-up list of candidates who are to represent particular disciplines for what are to be known as “special constituencies.”

And, yes, I am delighted to announce that I’ve made it to the data protection list.

If enough of you vote for me, I’m going to be the MEP for data protection.


I’m off now to celebrate for the rest of the day. And I hope you all enjoy this special day, too.