Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bar talk

I attended a very interesting session last night at the Young Vic Bar in Waterloo with the ”Privacy After Hours” guys, which was an event most generously sponsored by our chums at Bristows.

Lots of Data Protection Officers, all thirsty and keen to exchange the very latest gossip.

Particularly about some of the financial restrictions that are being placed on individual departments. Conference bans, travel prohibitions, training budget cuts – it’s all happening. And in the private sector, just as much as in the public sector.

The message was pretty clear – the Information Commissioner had better start waving his magic fining stick about a bit more frequently if senior executives really are to be persuaded that they should be paying much more attention to all this data protection malarkey.

I’ll see if the same message comes from those who will be attending next week’s Privacy Officers’ Supper Club.

Meanwhile, let’s eagerly await further developments from Wilmslow.

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