Wednesday 24 July 2013

Surveillance self defence - US style

Americans who are scared – really scared – of having their on-line privacy compromised will enjoy browsing the Surveillance Self Defense website, which is a project of the US-based Electronic Frontier Foundation.

If they want to know more about risk management, protecting data stored on their computer (in terms of what the Government can do and what users can do to protect themselves), data on the wire, information stored by third parties, foreign terrorism and intelligence investigations, and defensive technologies, then this is the website to browse.

For those who can’t wait to get to the payoff, here it is:

  • If you don’t keep it, they can’t get it – so destroy unnecessary records
  • If you do keep it, protect it with file encryption and strong passwords.
  • Encrypt your internet communications to prevent wiretapping
  • Use anonymising tools like Tor when you’re online. 
  •  Always delete your providers’ copies of emails and voicemails as soon as you no longer need them.

All pretty basic stuff, really.