Friday 13 September 2013

What’s happening with LinkedIn these days?

A couple of years ago, I thought LinkedIn was a “Facebook for professionals!” type organisation, with colleagues discretely keeping in touch whenever there was a pressing need. And it was a useful tool to understand what was happening within the employment market.

Today, it seems to be a different beast. I find it hard keeping up with stuff, mostly from people so keen to start a discussion that all they do is republish a link to an old article. Do they provide any of their own views on the issue in hand? Mostly not. So why do they bother?   

Possibly because they’re keen to ensure that others notice the news, or perhaps because they’re keen to get noticed as an “influencer” themselves.

And this is a shame, as it devalues the occasions when someone actually has got something interesting to say.

Also, I’m a little concerned that chum of mine from France keeps asking me to stop inviting him to link with me. Much as I respect him (and he is an extremely respectable professional), actually I don’t remember inviting him, and I’m not sure which of the many settings on LinkedIn I need to change to stop pestering him in future. His latest billet doux is still couched in friendly terms, but I dread to think what will happen if I'm still sending him invites this time next year:

“I’m getting regular invitations to join your LinkedIn network -- do you think you could try to stop these please? As I mentioned a while ago, it's nothing personal -- I just never join this sort of network or acknowledge the invitations in any way (as doing so encourages unsolicited emails from the network).”

If anyone knows how I can stop my foul behaviour, please do get in touch.

Even via LinkedIn.

I’ll read that one – I promise.