Sunday, 20 October 2013

Finally, the proposals have been leaked

Three cheers for European Digital Rights, the international advocacy group based in Brussels. 

Thank you for posting on your website details of the amendments to the Data Protection Regulation that the LIBE Committee members will be voting on tomorrow.

Better late than never, but it does confirm the general direction of travel.

I have no idea how Member States, in their own capacity as data controllers, will be able to afford to implement all the protective measures that are being proposed.

Evidently, Europe is out of the economic doldrums, and all Member States can all afford the very significant compliance costs that this Regulation mandates.

If Europe’s economy is actually in great shape then wonderful: no-one will have any problems paying for this stuff.

But, if national economies are still in a bit of a mess, then I really do wonder how seriously we should take tomorrow’s vote. Then again, if some of the LIBE committee members will be leaving the European Parliament after the elections next year, perhaps they don’t care about the implications, either.