Thursday 31 July 2014

Another hero leaves the stage

Well well well.

John Bowman, winner of the Data Protection Hero of the Year award for 2013, has moved on.

Lauded for his outstanding service to the country as the Ministry of Justice’s lead negotiator, overseeing the negotiations on the European Commission’s data protection proposals, John has left the MoJ and the Civil Service. His departure will leave a huge gap which, at this delicate stage in the DAPIX data protection discussions, will be extraordinarily difficult to fill.

John was appointed Head of EU and International Data Protection Policy at the MoJ in November 2011. He had completed a review of Claims Management Regulation, and previously led MoJ’s engagement with Muslim communities on raising awareness of domestic and matrimonial law.  He also headed the UK delegation to the 2011 Special Commission on the practical application of the Hague Conventions on international child abduction. So his has a huge range of experience that I’m sure most organisations would do anything to take advantage of.

All eyes will be focused on his LinkedIn account for the official announcement of his next role.

I’m sure I join many UK data protection professionals in wishing John the very best for the future.