Sunday 9 November 2014

HP’s untimely data breach

A good friend of mine very recently left Hewlett Packard. He had spent 36 years and 6 months at the company.

It not nice to see an experienced privacy manager leave a firm – particularly when, just after he left, a rather unfortunate data breach occurred. HP’s employee payroll’s information (including the National Insurance numbers, addresses and salaries of some 1000 people), was sent to an unknown party by accident.

The ICO has been informed.

Evidently, all is not lost. An HP spokesman quickly assured the media that: “HP is fully committed to protecting personal information and protecting privacy in all of our operations. We take any instances of a potential compromise seriously and will work to address any concerns as necessary.”

I’m glad that HP is fully committed to protecting personal information. Hopefully, their commitment might stretch to employing an experienced and qualified privacy professional in the UK in due course, to replace the one they’ve just lost.

If anyone from HP wants to get in touch with someone who has experienced a high-profile data breach, and needs to appreciate just what they ought to be doing to rebuild trust in their brand, please feel free to give me a call.

Please note that HP’s data protector software product is not associated in any way with this data protector blog.