Wednesday 28 January 2015

The 2015 Data Protection Day ditty

The ICO is always trying out new and innovative ways of celebrating Data Protection Day.

This year, the commemorations commenced with a short video from Commissioner Graham, deep in the nerve centre of the ICO’s news office, explaining that throughout the day his staff will be tweeting about many of the exciting initiatives that are underway within (and beyond) his office to improve our information rights.

I be commemorating the day by attending a meeting of top data dudes at a discussion on profiling, organised by our chums at Live Nation in Central London, about which I’ll report later.

Meanwhile, all I have to offer, prompted by the Commissioner’s appearance this morning, is the following ditty:

Chris Graham’s at the presenter’s desk of ICO news
He’s explaining (in very general terms) just how not to abuse
The trust of individuals who have so much to lose
When, from servers, thanks to breaches, their personal info spews

His mighty team of advisers offer a helping hand
Dishing out compliance advice to folk across the land
Listening to complainants and getting them to understand
That despite a heavy workload, their staffing levels won’t expand

Meanwhile, if you listen, rumours spread about a new law
That the Europeans are drafting but of which many Brits guffaw
Is it a "Di-Regulation" along the lines that they forsaw
In which some of the Articles still contain a fatal flaw?

But on this great occasion, our differences fall away
Respect the privacy loonies, let no smirk display
On our faces as we raise our glass and, as one, pray
That we’ll still be in gainful employment come next Data Protection Day