Wednesday 8 August 2012

Nothing to confess

According to a recent media report, Oracle and Google have been ordered to reveal the names of reporters, bloggers and other commentators they have paid. The demand, made by a US judge, follows an intellectual property battle the firms fought in court.

Well, you’re not going to find my name on any of those lists. I comment on current events as I see fit, rather than from the perspective of a paid commentator.

Yes, I have in the past enjoyed some of Google’s famous hospitality when visiting their London offices while working for a previous employer. All that free food. But no cash has ever exchanged hands. Nor have any of Google’s services ever been slipped in my direction.

Is this because I’m a “holier than thou” kind of data protector, or simply because I’ve never been asked?

Yes, you are right. I’ve never been asked!