Friday 14 June 2013

Data Protection Professionals and the Honours List

Although eminent people have been practising and promoting data protection principles in the UK for some 30 years, can anyone think of a single person who has been awarded an honour for their services to data protection and whose working life has not included a stint at the ICO?

Has anyone outside Wilmslow ever been considered worthy enough even to qualify for an MBE (or the less prestigious award, the BEM)?

I couldn’t think of anyone, either.

Perhaps data protection is still on the list of unmentionable activities that automatically exclude the practitioner from any form of official recognition. 

Or perhaps, in the next list, we’ll be able to celebrate one of our own getting a gong from HRH. 

Surely, after waiting patiently for 30 years, the profession can’t be ignored for that much longer. 

“Oh, but it can,” I sense a few bods whisper. 

“Oh yes it can.”