Tuesday 28 January 2014

Data protection in a dream world

Last Wednesday’s report about the Computers, Privacy & Data Protection conference cocktail party featuring an acrobat on a trapeze, playing the saxophone upside down, has been met in many quarters with total disbelief. My email box has been swamped with people declaring that there’s no way there’re falling for that story. Evidently, I should stick to commenting about the credible, rather than the totally unbelievable.

Ok, you non-believers – so what do you have to say about today’s images?

And its connection with data protection? Well, we can look at the performer’s website to get a clue:

“This unique solo-performance combines unique trapeze acrobatics with soulful saxophone playing. The audience is able to experience the personal language of exotic movements that take you on a journey into a magical and bewitching dream world. 'What will you experience? Dive into the story about a voyage that reconnects us with our roots in nature.”

So, data protection is a “magical and bewitching dream world.” the performer's vision is “To let people dream.”

If the acrobat were to have dedicated this performance to the European Commission last week, in the context of their plans to have a Regulation passed before the forthcoming European Parliamentary elections, I can quite understand what she would have meant.

Dream on ...

(Rumours that she has been booked to repeat her show at the ICO’s Data Practitioner Conference in Manchester on 3 March, with the ICO chorus featuring as her backing singers, are unfounded.)

Anyway, happy Data Protection Day. However you celebrate today, I doubt that it will involve swinging upside down, with a saxophone. But if it does, please send me the pics!