Wednesday 21 May 2014

Great jobs available at the ICO! (Shame about the pay)

The ICO is currently recruiting for a Lead Intelligence Officer. On paper, it looks like an important position. It is, after all, a “Level D” role. The jobholder will be: “responsible for liaising with stakeholders, undertaking detailed research and analysis to build intelligence pictures, developing and completing intelligence collection plans, creating and interpreting intelligence products, and identifying new and emerging threats to enable and support enforcement and wider ICO activity.”

And there’s more: “As well as a degree, equivalent qualification or relevant work experience, you’ll need to be a confident communicator who can deal with both customers and internal stakeholders. Your judgement, intellect and initiative will give you the ability to handle your casework autonomously and confidently. And as legislation changes, you’ll develop your expertise accordingly.”

They’re even going to pay the successful applicant. The starting salary is £22,330 (which works out, at 37 hours a week for 52 weeks a year), some £11.60 per hour – well above the statutory minimum wage of £6.31.

Alternatively, job applicants may wish to cast their eyes to vacancies being advertised in the City of London. One that recently caught my eye was for a Head of Data Protection for a large insurance broker. This jobholder will need to demonstrate:
  • Previous experience of senior Data Protection roles in other large financial services company (broker, bank, insurer).  Likely to have approximately 6+ years  experience;
  •  Experience of setting up and monitoring a comprehensive data protection environment is preferred;
  • Good understanding and working knowledge of current data protection practices & techniques;
  • A strong knowledge of corporate governance practices and EU / national legislation relating to data protection; and an
  • In-depth working knowledge of data protection legislation and practical application;
They’re also planning to pay the successful applicant – but at a level of around £70,000, somewhat more than the going rate in Wilmslow. Actually, that’s almost £20,000 greater than the starting salary of some of the most senior people in Wilmslow, who occupy “Level H” roles.

Admittedly, the cost of season tickets to commute to Wilmslow / London are not the same – the London commute probably costs double that of the equivalent Manchester/Wilmslow annual season ticket (£1,384). But can it be said that the cost of living / working in Manchester / Wilmslow is really that much lower than in London?

We should be grateful that there are sufficient people who have sufficient means that enable them to survive on an ICO wage.