Wednesday 15 November 2023

Thank you and farewell

After a period of silence it's now time to close this blog.  I've lost the motivation I once had to put my head above the data protection parapet. I'm no longer deeply engaged in issues that filled my working life and these days am much more interested in providing a decent home for my puppy. Others can engage in endless battles with people whose views are so very different to my own. I'm happy with the changes I've managed to make over the years and will remain deeply frustrated that at other times I failed to act in ways that might have made lives easier for other people. Occasionally the stress of dealing with issues that I still find hard to talk about affected me very deeply. But most times I've had a hugely enjoyable career.

I've reached the stage where I no longer want to work as a data protection professional. I can't motivate myself to maintain or even pretend to have an interest in matters that many data protection professionals feel they need to be concerned about. Looking back at my work pattern and output I have realised that so much of the daily grind was so unnecessary.

Thank you for your good wishes and support over the years that the blog has been active.