Monday 31 January 2011

Dog poo and the DPA

We all know that dog fouling is an anti-social behaviour. And we all know that the powers that be take a dim view of officials using their surveillance powers under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act to investigate the stuff. Well, to monitor the owners of the pooches who poo, anyway.

Our local council officials have come up with a cunning plan. Will they use the mighty RIPA to investigate such offences? Oh no. To do so would obviously be disproportionate. But, they have found another piece of legislation that can be flexed to serve their needs. Instead, they will use the Data Protection Act to bring the miscreants to justice.

I saw this sign earlier today, clearly warning that CCTV may be used to gather evidence against individuals who allow their dogs to foul the land. This “fair processing notice” was fixed to a lamp post – but far too high for any small or medium sized dog to read. Anyway, hidden at the top of the lamp post, I thought I saw a tiny CCTV camera.

So, you dog walkers of Crouch End. You have been warned.

Our council officials have ways and means of tracking down the offenders.

Even when they’re not allowed to use RIPA.