Monday 19 November 2012

(Virtual) soundbites from the IAPP Conference in Brussels

Your very own Dataprotector was not able to attend the latest IAPP privacy conference. A conflicting set of obligations, working on a report that will receive some publicity shortly, meant that it was not possible to be both in London and Brussels at the same time.

However, thanks to the magic of the internet, which has been not-so thoroughly researched, I’ve managed to glean the most important quotes of that great occasion, which I present to you now.

To preserve the modesty of those who have quite a lot to be modest about, I’ve disguised the identities of the contributors. This simply because although I was able to read their Facebook posts, I’m not sure how many others were able to read them – so in the event that they were only published to a restricted audience, I’ll try hard not to breach any confidences.

You know who you are, anyway!

By the way, if anyone who was actually there feels that I’ve missed any (or their) vital contribution, please do let me know and I’ll add it to the following list.

Presenter (and politician): “We are working very hard on the Regulation to ensure that everyone is disappointed in the end.”

Despondent (and perhaps would-be) delegate: “I am truly expecting to be disappointed. I would be disappointed if I wasn't.”

Bemused delegate:
“Wow there are a lot of lawyers here! Now, where are the practitioners?”

IAPP staffer: “How do you celebrate an amazing IAPP conference in Brussels? Liegeoise waffles in front of the Manneken Pis!”

Jealous (perhaps would-be) delegate in reply:
“Just assume that every IAPP member who follows these globetrotting "Roughing It For Privacy" travelogs of stunning photos in spectacular locations wishes they were an IAPP staffer!”

Thirsty delegate:I SAID two pints of larger and a packet of crisps, PLEASE

Exhausted delegate (arriving back in ‘Blighty after the event, and having spent quite some time recently the other side of the world doing lots of privacy stuff): “ Sooooo looking forward to getting home.”

Warning Note:
Please do not tweet or re-tweet any of these comments. The law on libelous tweeting in the UK is both interesting and potentially expensive (for the defendant) and lucrative (for the plaintiff). I am publishing my comments in good faith and have no reason to believe that they are libelous. But, just in case someone gets awfully upset (and you know how upset people can get when things are published on the internet), please don't put yourself at risk of litigation by associating yourself with the sort of stuff I publish. On the other hand, if any readers are also libel lawyers, do feel free to get in touch and we'll see whether any of the juicer stuff that I've withheld from today's blog could ever be published!

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