Friday 13 November 2009

Behavioural Blogging: My 12 simple rules of internet etiquette

Am I writing this blog simply to promote me as the sage of all data protection wisdom? Or to stimulate debate on issues I get passionate about? A bit of both, really. So, I thought, before I go off the rails and get ignored by just about everyone I know (or knew), I had better create a dozen simple rules to follow as I blog. Feel free to let me know when I overstep these marks.

1 Tell the truth.

2 Write short blogs.

3 Publish them regularly.

4 Focus on a single issue for each blog.

5 Respect everything supplied in confidence.

6 Stick to what I know (or what I think I know).

7 Use plain language, not technical gobbledegook.

8 Make serious, as well as trivial, points in each blog.

9 Develop my own ideas, in my own time, using my own equipment.

10 Change the text when I write something that causes unnecessary offence or embarrassment.

11 Credit everyone I plagiarise.

12 Try to look on the brighter side of life. (I think I sense a song coming on...)