Friday 25 March 2011

The blogger returneth

Has the court injunction expired? Or a trappist vow of silence been lifted?

Sort of.

There was no court injunction, but the trappist vow of silence is at an end. Although it was not religion which caused my fingers to pause over the keys for the past 5 weeks.

Actually, it was thoughts more domestic than worldly. I simply couldn’t juggle the simultaneous tasks of work, play, dinners, manage an extensive home renovation project involving teams of builders, carpet layers & decorators, enjoy an active social life, sleep – and blog – without losing my focus.

Fortunately the home renovation project has reached the stage where I can begin to focus on my thoughts again, so new postings will commence shortly.

What have learnt about myself from this period of blog abstinence?

The most important lesson is that I’ve missed the opportunity to focus on particular issues which are of personal interest to me. If I’m not careful I can take the easy path through life, and concentrate all the time on issues which are of professional interest – ie those which are directly related to my day job. But I don’t want to do that. I think enough about the day job during the day. This is my opportunity to probe issues that concern me as a citizen. And I’ll increasingly take up this opportunity to review my posting to ensure that what I say in this, most social of social media, is separate to what might be expected of me when act in a corporate capacity.

On this blog I am not my company’s spokesman.

I am a free man.

But hopefully not a loose cannon.

I really should devise a set of rules of social blogging, which should then be published , so that I can later benchmark my posts against those standards. Increasingly companies accept that their employees will use the internet as a means of communicating through a medium that is just as easy to reach mass audiences as can the large corporation, with all its media expertise. But with this equality of arms ought to follow an equal sense of responsibility. So that neither side uses inside knowledge or “freedom of speech” to make disparaging remarks about the other.

I’ve never set out to make disparaging remarks about my employer. I’ve always had far too much to say about other things. And long may that state of affairs continue.

And now, let’s get back to some serious blogging.