Saturday 5 February 2011

Dining with the Privacy Advisors Supper Club

Another day, another (data protection) dinner. Yesterday’s event was organised by Robert Bond for the Privacy Advisor’s Supper Club. He certainly knows how to throw a marvellous party. It was held this time at the newly opened Mint Hotel in the City of London. We congregated in the Sky Lounge on the 12th floor, which hosts the private dining areas. Stunning views of the Tower of London (just look at the image!) and of the Shard. And such wonderful company. Mr Bond, you really are spoiling us!

I like these events. It’s great to meet data protection colleagues socially, in an atmosphere where no-one is selling their services to anyone else. It’s just a bunch of like minded individuals who enjoy each other’s company. And a group of people who can just check their data protection compasses so to speak. We leave, well fed and refreshed, feeling just that everso little bit more confident that we are doing the right thing, and steering our organisations in the right data protection direction.

If you want to come along some time then find the group on Linkedin. It’s not one of those “exclusive” supper clubs. No-one has to be proposed or seconded by current members before they can join. No annual fees are payable. No formalities. The only pre-requisites are a passion for data protection (ok, an interest - and a sense of humour - will do just as well) and being available that evening to join fellow colleagues for an evening of great conversation and great food. No organiser makes a profit, we just share the bill.

The first event was organised by Nicola McKilligan and was held last May at Babylon, above the Kensington Roof Gardens. Last night’s event was the second. The arrangements for the next do will soon be announced by that event’s organiser.

It is a great way to visit a restaurant that you may have heard of, but never actually had an opportunity to visit.

And, on the strength of the successes of the first two, I will certainly trying to make myself available to attend the next one.

Hope to see you there as well. It’ll be fun.