Friday 10 June 2011

Spam update (the 4th message)

A fourth text arrived today from this Spam outfit last Monday. They’ve ditched the old numbers (07591233106 & 07522075587) and are now using 07591221820. The other numbers must have been disconnected by the service provider, in an attempt to disrupt their dubious behaviour.

This one says, just like the previous one: you still have not claimed the compensation you are due for the accident you had. To claim then pls reply CLAIM. To opt out text STOP.

I replied 3 minutes later by texting: STOP.

I’ve heard nothing more – yet – but I expect they’ll be back.

If it could be established that this outfit were making any money out of this scam, then wouldn’t it be nice if the Information Commissioner's enforcement team could arrange for a confiscation order to be made to strip away all their assets ...

The ICO is entitled to keep 18% of all funds obtained through confiscation orders, unlike the 0% it can keep when fines or other monetary penalties are awarded (which goes straight back to the Treasury), so watch out for more action on this front!