Sunday 10 July 2011

Ah! So that’s where I’m supposed to have seen it before

No prizes were won in last Wednesday’s competition, which invited the plucky winner to be the first to tell me where the quotation on the left could be found.

It wasn’t supposed to be too difficult, but it obviously was. Or, more likely, no-one wanted to have been the recipient of my heartfelt congratulations. Perhaps I ought to have offered as a prize some money, or chocolate.

Anyway, putting everyone out of the suspense, I can reveal that the quotation can actually be found on page 85 of the Information Commissioner’s 2010/11 Annual Report – which was, co-incidentally, also published last Wednesday.

What? You mean you haven’t read it all (yet)?

Never mind. Enjoy the read – and remember, when you get to page 85, there’s only one more page to go.