Tuesday 22 October 2013

And now, the amended Regulation

I am extremely grateful to Richard Beaumont of the Cookie Collective for pointing out where I can find a copy of the amended version of the Data Protection Regulation on the internet.

Many thanks.

I did wonder how the admin wonks at the European Commission were able to work so fast to prepare a document that we could all look at.

Then I noticed the date the document was prepared – 7 October. A few tweaks have evidently been made to it since then – there are a few coloured highlights which suggest that those parts were probably altered between 7 October and last weekend – but what strikes me is how little the text has changed in the past two weeks.

Perhaps this will enable ministers to have a decent discussion about it at the next meeting of the Justice & Home Affairs Council. There probably won’t be time for anyone to prepare a compliance cost assessment, but then again who cares about compliance costs when you’re trying to assert fundamental human rights?

Two little tweaks did catch my eye, as I was speed reading it.

First, it is proposed that the discussions of the European Data Protection Board may, in future be confidential, rather than shall, be confidential.  That’s a nod to the transparency agenda.

Second, the European Data Protection Supervisor no longer has the right, if he is not elected Chairman of the European Data Protection Board, be appointed as one of the (at least) two deputy chairs of the Board. He has to submit himself for election along with the rest of the candidates.  That’s a nod to the democracy agenda.