Wednesday 28 May 2014

ICO hits the mark with its new quiz

Yesterday I criticised the ICO for missing a golden opportunity to show just how radical, innovative and helpful it can be.

And today?

Hurrah! I read news of an initiative that really is radical, innovative and helpful.

What am I referring to?

I’m referring to the ICO’s attempt to remind us about the differences between data controllers and data processors. If you point your browser to the right part of the ICO’s website, you’ll find updated guidance, together with a short, on-line, quiz that reminds you why you do need to read the (20 page) guidance.

Rocket science? No its not – and this is to be welcomed. You don’t have to be a lawyer to understand the concepts that the ICO has set out. Which is a great help to those organisations for whom the cost of obtaining legal advice on data protection matters is becoming overly burdensome.

Here’s a hint – do read the ICO’s guidance before taking the test. Otherwise you could be kicking yourself when you realise that you’ve made (at least) one basic error when answering the (7 question) quiz.

Hopefully, the ICO will be fired up with the success of this initiative and will commission a series of short on-line quizzes on essential themes. The initiative may well reduce the potential fee income to be earned by the commercial training providers, but it does provides society with a very valuable service, by removing some of the mysticism and debunking some of the data protection myths that have developed over the past few years.

I’m certainly looking forward to taking the next on-line quiz.