Wednesday 17 December 2014

Announcing the 2014 CECIDP privacy award winners

The 2014 CECIDP privacy awards dinner, held last night, culminated in a ceremony where the winners of this year's trophies were formally announced. 

Despite a local power cut that plunged the diners into darkness just before the arrival of our host, the sensational Samantha, from Radio 4’s legendary quiz programme “I’m Sorry, I haven’t a Clue”, great roars of approval greeted the names of the winners:

DP Team of the Year
  • The entire DAPIX Data Protection Regulation / Directive negotiating team, for attending so many insufferably boring negotiating meetings as they inch their way to the finishing line. 

DP Disaster of the Year
  •  The scramble by Governments in a number of countries to assure citizens that national security considerations have not trumped fundamental data protection rights.

DP Hero of the Year
  • The ICO’s David Smith, for going on (and on, and on) ensuring that the organisation maintains a wealth of pragmatic data protection experience at the very top of the UK’s data protection tree.

The Chairman’s Award

DP Lifetime Achievement Award (announced without notice to the plucky winner)

  • Dr Chris Pounder, of Amberhawk fame, for steadfastly reminding anyone who will listen what the law actually says, as well as commenting on how the regulators tend to interpret it.