Friday, 12 December 2014

CECIDP’s 2014 privacy awards

The nominations for this year’s privacy awards are in, and there is intense speculation as to who will walk off with the coveted trophies at next week’s celebratory bash. Unfortunately, no more tickets for this most sought-after event, organised the Crouch End Chapter of the Institute for Data Protection, are available, but I do hope to report on the outcome of the festivities in due course.

Hosting the ceremony will be the sensational Samantha, from Radio 4’s legendary quiz programme “I’m Sorry, I haven’t a Clue.”

In no particular order, the nominees are as follows:

DP Team of the Year
  • The entire DAPIX Data Protection Regulation / Directive negotiating team, for attending so many insufferably boring negotiating meetings as they inch their way to the finishing line. (During the past 3 years, delegates from every EU Member State - and the European Commission, together with several hangers-on - have met over 120 times, with many sessions lasting 2, or even 3, days.)
  • The IAPP’s event organising team, for devising conferences that have gathered more data protection specialists at a single event in Europe than anyone else has yet managed. 
  • The ICO’s enforcement team, for trying ever harder to find ways of chastising the deliberately devious and the wretched rogues that lurk in the dank cesspit of privacy noncompliance.

DP Disaster of the Year
  •  The scramble by Governments in a number of countries to assure citizens that national security considerations have not trumped fundamental data protection rights.
  • The theft from an unlocked car of (the then) European Commisioner Viviane Reding's luggage, jewellery and cottage pie while she was attending a prestigious data protection event in central London. (Thank goodness the thieves ignored the bag that contained her confidential briefing papers.)  
  • The sad sad sorry saga of the process that finally led to the appointment of the new European Data Protection Supervisor. (If you don’t succeed the first time round, you can always try again.)

DP Hero of the Year
  • The Government of Ireland, for accepting that the Irish Data Protection Commissioner needs (and is going to get) much more resources to deal with the challenges faced by a small organisation that has to regulate some of the largest data controllers on the planet.
  • The ICO’s David Smith, for going on (and on, and on) ensuring that the organisation maintains a wealth of pragmatic data protection experience at the very top of the UK’s data protection tree.
  •  Blighty’s mighty army of data protection professionals, collectively nominated for their stoicism and fortitude in adversity, and for continuing to explain to anyone who will listen just what this data protection stuff is all about, and just why it matters that fair minded folk should follow the basic rules.

The Chairman’s Award

To round off the evening, and to great acclaim, the CECIDP’s Chairman will present a special trophy to the Data Protector for his magnificent achievement in achieving 8th place in the Digital Guardian’s 2014 list of “51 Useful Data ProtectionResources: Blogs, Videos, Guides, Infographics, Tools & More.”  (For those not in the know, Digital Guardian is a comprehensive data protection platform with millions of deployments worldwide, securing the sensitive data of the world’s most inventive, influential companies.)