Sunday 4 October 2020

Revise the GDPR

We are what we are
We don't want praise, we don't want pity
We bang our own drum
Some think it's noise, we think it's pretty
We promise that your human rights we will not mangle
We're the ones that try to see things from a different angle
Join us we’re going far
Join us and shout out
Revise the GDPR


We are what we are
And what we are needs no excuses
We’ll find a new way 
To cut out spam, stop data abuses
Our private lives, there's no consent you get no look in
Our private lives, you can't tell anyone where we’ve been 
Life's not worth a damn till we can shout out
We are what we are

We know what we want

Revise the GDPR



Thank you for the inspiration: Jerry Herman