Monday, 23 January 2012

Is there anything else to do before a data protection professional dies?

Suggestions for new additional things to achieve before a data protection professional dies (see my blog posting of 16 & 17 January) have been thin on the ground. But all is not lost. I’ve been chatting to some friends, who can already tick off a couple of items on the list, and who would rather not have any additional challenges set.

On the other hand, I met some chums at the Privacy International drinks party in central London last Thursday night, who were proud to have been able to tick off achievement 41. And I’ll be meeting more chums on Friday evening to witness them tick off achievements 12 and 50. There could still be time (and room) for you to join in the fun, if you are free.

But there must be more achievements for a data protection professional to accomplish, surely? Or is inanely a ticking off an item on a list a sign of autism? Are we data protection professionals just living with some disorder of neural development, with impaired social interaction and communication skills, exhibiting alarming tendencies of restricted and repetitive behaviour? Can we talk about anything other than data protection?

I do hope so.

Anyway, if you can (or want) to think of additional achievements, before the strain of crawling all over the documents that are just about to be launched by the Commissioner Reding numbs us into a state of oblivion, please feel free to contact me through the usual channels. A prize such as the one pictured (recently sent to me by a contact who is so useful to know in this business) may well be presented to the person who sends me the best set of suggestions.