Sunday 5 February 2012

Is this the best invitation to a data protection consultation event?


This is a hint on how to do it just in case anyone has forgotten the proper way of inviting people to data protection consultation events.

The very best invitations are
• Sent on stiff white card;
• Spell the invitee’s name correctly; and
• Say what’s in it for the invitee as well as for those doing the inviting

This has to be one of the greatest invitations to a data protection consultation event, anywhere, ever. In this case, it was an invitation to a session on the retention on communications data – which appears not to be that much of an issue in Blighty, but a bit troublesome elsewhere within the European Community.

Note the excellent handwriting on the card. And the prestigious venue that had been booked.

Marvel at the way that the Brits do these things – over an invitation to Afternoon Tea, rather than an invite just to some workshop or other.

Yes, the invitation was sent a few years ago. But manners, like data protection principles, ought to be timeless. But, some of the civil servants responsible for that invitation and that event are still enjoying a glittering career within the Home Office. They do these things everso well, you know.

So, now I have a bit of spare time on my hands, I would be delighted to receive some more invites like this, either for afternoon tea or for morning coffee, to discuss any data protection issues that are of particular concern to you.

Please rest assured that it's not compulsory for me to be sent me an invite on stiff white card - an email works just as well, these days.