Thursday, 5 July 2012

A banking scam so stupid surely no-one falls for

I’ve recently had this email from some kind folk who want to look after my money for me.

"Dear Lloyds TSB Online customer,

Your account is suspended due to multiple number
of incorrect login attempts.

For your protection, we've suspended your account.

To reactivate your login access please download the
form attached to your e-mail and update your details.

Note: If not completed until July 02, 2012,
we will be forced to suspend your account .

Thank you,
Customer Support Service.

Copyright (c) Lloyds TSB Bank | for the journey..."

The form (pictured) even contains a tip – “We’ll never ask you to enter your security details on a pop-up window” – which is a little bit strange, as the genuine Lloyds Bank website usually asks me to populate certain details in at least three pop-up windows, as part of the sign on process.

And where do I have to email the completed form, containing all of the relevant security details?

Oh yes, I‘ve been instructed to email the form to

I don’t think so.

Hopefully, by the time you read this, our chums at Hotmail will have already locked the email address. And, hopefully, our chums at will be well on their trail.