Thursday, 8 August 2013

25 more data protection movers and shakers

No sooner was yesterday’s list of the top 15 data protection movers and shakers published than my inbox started to receive a host of counter suggestions. Yes, there are many more people who deserve to be recognised as having reached the pinnacle of the UK’s data protection establishment. 

Accordingly, I’ve prepared a second list of other popular nominations. The lucky nominees are, (mostly) in alphabetical order:

(1) Richard Allen, he of Facebook fame

(2) Emma Ascroft, Yahoo!’s european  public policy director

(3) Heather Bignell-Blye at the Post Office

(4) Ruth Boardman of Bird & Bird

(5) Phil Booth, of the No2ID and mediconfidential campaign groups

(6) Ian Brown of the Oxford Internet Institute

(7) Hugo Brown, whose new DP employment service could keep many of us in gainful employment for years to come

(8) Virginia Chinda-Coutts of RSA

(9) Richard Cumbley of Linklaters

(10) Stephen Deadman, Vodafone’s privacy chief

(11) Dave Evans, formerly ICO cookie captain, now at Swiss Re

(12) Nick Graham, data supremo at Dentons

(13) Gus Hosein of Privacy International

(14) Julian Huppert MP, currently leading Lib Dem thinking on privacy

(15) Rosemary Jay, currently at Hunton & Williams, author of a best seller on data protection law

(16) Jim Killock, of the Open Rights Group

(17) Mita Mitra,  BT’s data protection thought leader

(18) Nicola McKilligan at Thomson Reuters

(19) Christopher Millard of Queen Mary College, Professor of Privacy and Information Law at Queen Mary College

(20) Neil Patterson of Tesco

(21) Chris Pounder of Amberhawk Training, and an occasional FOI requester. Surely the tallest data protection professional  in the UK

(22) Suzanne Rodway of the Royal Bank of Scotland

(23) Richard Thomas, former Information Commissioner & the people’s choice for the next data protection peer

(24) Ian Walden, Professor of Communications at Queen Mary College

And finally, surely no list could be complete without a special mention being given to

(25) Stewart Dresner of Privacy Laws & Business, event organiser extraordinaire

Individuals wishing to have their names removed from this list are welcome to contact me, as well as those who feel they also deserve to be included - or at least be invited to the gala awards dinner.