Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wanted: A new face at the Home Office’s comms data team

If you thought the Government wasn’t interested in updating its ability to use communications data to fight terrorism and serious crime, think again. Although there’s no sign of a publication date for a revised Communications Data Bill, the Home Office is currently advertising for a senior bod to help run it's Communications Capabities Development Programme. They’re even prepared to pay the lucky person up to £117,800. So, the successful applicant had better be good. 

What’s the role? 

Well, reporting to the Programme Director, someone is needed: “to provide leadership of the business change and associated training aspects of the CCD programme, working in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders including all UK Police forces and the College of Policing.”  They must have: “credibility to effectively represent the views of a complex and diverse stakeholder community and operate in an environment where there have been complex partnerships, with competing and sometimes conflicting priorities.”

The job spec comments that: “this is a challenging role given the complexity of the environment, ongoing changes in telecommunications technologies and services, and changes in policing.” I’m surprised the job spec didn’t also refer to the challenges faced by the current political environment, where politicians are keen to be seen to be supporting the law enforcement community, but not at the expense of removing any fundamental rights from citizens.  

Whoever takes on this task will have to be a master of many skills. They’ll be responsible for:

• Leading the business change and associated training aspects of the CCD programme nationally.

• The development of the business change capability within the CCD Programme and across the stakeholder community, including all UK Police forces and the College of Policing.

• Providing operational community subject matter expertise.

• Ensuring collaboration and communication across the CCD Programme themes in business change.

• Directing CCD stakeholder engagement strategies and engaging with stakeholder community strategic leads at Board level.

• Ensuring decisions are approved via the appropriate governance processes.

• At Board level, actively manage the stakeholders through transition, generating confidence and ‘buy-in’ from those involved, ensuring the capability is embedded and benefits are realised.

• Leading a diverse team of seconded police officers and civil servants deployed across the UK delivering organisational design, business change and associated sustainment on behalf of the Programme.

• Exercising strong governance and risk management, setting a clear vision and strategic direction.

• Accountable for the budget spend on all business change activities delivered through the CCD Programme.

• Ensuring Programme benefits are delivered within the stakeholder community and monitored.

Note all the references to the “stakeholder community”. But who comprises this community? Is it the law enforcement community, together with the communication and internet service providers whose communications records play such a vital role in the process? Or does it also include politicians, journalists, representatives of civil society, other opinion formers and those oiks like you and me, whose communications records also play a vital role in the process? Don’t ask me. I’m not sure. 

Feeling excited about this great opportunity?

Feel the need to lead?

If you’ve got what it takes, then you had better contact the Home Office quickly.  The closing date is 27 August (just after the forthcoming bank holiday).