Monday 21 June 2010

“As you like vuvuzelas, we think you’ll love these ...”

A little over a week ago (13th June) I posted a blog about on-line behavioural advertising. I had recently received an email from Amazon asking me to check out their shoe store as they had noticed that I had previously used Google to search for images of shoes on the internet.

I’m looking forward to finding out what sort of behavioural advertising I’ll be getting as a result of my very latest purchase from an on line retailer – which is pictured here. Apparently, it's a vuvuzela – the loud stadium horn, as used by soccer fans in stadiums in South Africa.

You may have heard them recently on telly.

When it arrived, all the way from Eastleigh in Southampton, the packaging just said “England Sound Horn”, so I’m not sure just how close it’s ever been to any South African shores.

Anyway, it makes a loud and awful noise. In fact, I was so impressed with the awfulness of the noise that I’ve already placed an order for a 2 foot version from another on-line retailer (this time, Amazon UK). I must have previously ordered the “short horn”. Well, I want the big one now.

But what sort of behavioural advertising messages is Amazon going to send me now? Perhaps it will be along the lines of:

As you've recently visited our store or bought similar products from us in the past, we thought we'd share with you what our customers are currently searching for in our music/sports equipment/horrible noise store. Have a look below to see what's currently hot in decibels at the moment. Don't forget to check out our Bestsellers for all the loudest products!

If I some across anything that I suspect could only have been advertised to me because of my interest in vuvuzelas, then you’ll be the first to know.