Tuesday, 11 February 2014

OMG! Another bad news day

Happy Safer Internet Day.

But can it really be the case that the EU-sponsored Safer Internet Day website has completely failed to implement the EU’s own on-line privacy laws?

If you can find any info on cookies, you’re eyes are better than mine.

Does the website really say in the “online issues” section that digital footprints are a good thing, because it helps prevent crime? To be fair, the website also explains that "every time you publish information online, for everyone to see, a little bit of your privacy will disappear and you will be adding to your online reputation and digital footprint." 

Co-incidentally, while Commissioner Viviane Reding was attending official meetings in Central London today, thieves most unfortunately stole a suitcase containing her personal effects and jewellery from her unattended and unlocked official car. Apparently the only case they left was the case containing her official documents.

Thank goodness they didn’t steal any of her papers. It would have been deeply ironic if she had to report a personal data breach to the European Data Protection Supervisor (yes, he who cannot yet be replaced) and face disciplinary measures for her failure to properly safeguard personal data.

Surely, the data protection news can’t get any worse today.