Sunday, 28 April 2013

Professor Elemental and the Communications Data Bill

Ridicule is a great way of opposing something you don't like. Which, presumably, is why our chums at the Open Rights Group have released a few funny videos about what they know of the proposals in the Communications Data Bill.

However, even the ORG accepts that something needs to be done - and they will be scrutinising any revised proposals the Government makes to ensure that they don't cross their red lines. The ORG has written to their supporters to explain that they'll be checking any new proposals to ensure:
  1. That the request filter and data trawling engine is dropped
  2. That the data ISPs and CSPs are compelled to collect will be minimal
  3. That there is no easy way for the Government to compel new data sets to be created
ORG's views are  remarkably similar to those of Privacy International. On 25 April PI's technologist, Sam Smith, commented: "We hope the UK's replacement policy will include far better training for police on the masses of data they acquire from suspects already, a more expeditious and rigerous MLAT process, and transparent rules on what is requestable and requested."

This stance still allows the Government to introduce legislation containing the less-controversial proposals in the near future, which I do hope will be welcomed by most stakeholders.

Look for the You Tube videos for "Professor Elemental Builds a Great machine for Catching Villains" (Chapters 1-4)