Monday, 29 October 2012

Uruguay – initial reaction to my blog

Saturday’s blog, on soundbites from the 34th annual privacy conference in Uruguay, has already prompted one of the great data protection minds whose comments I (mis)quoted to contact me.

This is what their email said:

“Saw your blog ... My soundbite was misquoted & some of the things I said did make a difference to the way people thought about some key challenges .... But it's more than a place where we expect earth shattering insights ... It's also a place to network & have conversations we might not otherwise have ...

You're correct that it needs more insightful, analytical & critical approaches.”

So, let’s hope that the next large scale event – the IAAP conference in a couple of weeks time in Brussels – will offer delegates more opportunities for insightful, analytical and critical approaches to the great issues of the day. I have every confidence it will.

If it does not, then I suspect that those who pay to attend these events will start to wonder why so many privacy conferences are currently being staged, and whether a little consolidation might be appropriate, given the constrained resources that everyone is adjusting to.

News about forthcoming privacy events can be found here.