Wednesday 11 August 2010

Article 29 WP "tweets" its Opinion on RFID chips & privacy impact assessments

"OMG! A bunch of academics, industry experts and real people actually want us to comment on their proposals for a privacy impact assessment.

What’s an RFID application all about anyway? It could only be doing stuff about things, rather than about people.

Bugger. This bunch have taken a year to write 25 pages. And they’ve got a diagram. Right, our opinion had better be almost half as long.

Nope. These muppets just don’t get it. That’s not a proper impact assessment. We’ll give it a D- and tell them to go away and think again.

... Let’s all get back together in Brussels soon. A bientôt! ... Grusse! ... Cheers!"

For the data protection professionals who need a little more substance about their views on the Industry Proposal for a Privacy and Data Protection Impact Assessment Framework for RFID Applications, the Article 29 Working Party’s full Opinion [5/2010], adopted on 13 July 2010, can be found at

The Industry Proposal itself is found at